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Gwen has helped me to understand the benefits of supplementation and that by tweaking my diet I can maintain the energy levels that I need during my high intensity sessions.  Gwen is an absolute pleasure to work with and even when she makes small changes to my diet I notice huge changes in my energy levels and feel sharper in the ring.
Sam Soliman

Boxer, World Middle Weight Boxing Champion

Thank you much for everything you have done for me and teaching me about different foods and them not being bad for me! I have learnt so much and lost so much weight being on your program and wasn’t hungry bored or binged it was absolutely amazing! Today I weighed 61.8kg, obviously I might put some weight back on but I will never getting over 65 again! I feel so comfortable and healthy again! Thank you for helping me lose around 14kilos.
Ashleigh Murray

Body Builder (Figure Shaper), Natural Body Builder Competitor

I have used Gwen as my nutritionist for the last few years. Gwen has been instrumental in preparing my meal and supplement plans, which helps me recover from my rigorous training sessions and prepares my body’s energy systems to perform at the highest level on fight night. Gwen is the real deal and I highly recommend Gwen to anyone who is wanting to succeed in their nutritional goals

Trent Rawlins

International Professional Heavyweight Boxer

Gwen helped me throughout my professional rugby career in Australia. Not only did she help me lose the extra kilos I was carrying but with her support and advice I was also able to maintain my muscle mass, strength and energy level, which helped me on the field. Eddie Aholelei

Professional Rugby Player, London Welsh RFC.

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Gwen went out of her way to provide me with the unique advice that I needed for my body to cope with the ongoing high training loads I put it through in my chosen sport. I am not yet at a level of athletic significance, although she was always more than happy to offer her professional assistance, knowledge and guidance whenever I chose to seek it. Gwen has a unique kind-hearted nature and helped me reach an athletic level in less than a year that I thought would take me two or three. And for that I will be always be grateful. Onwards and upwards! Bronwyn Humphrys

Distance Runner, 3 time Australian Representative at the World & Commonwealth Mountain Running Championships.